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Created as a term paper for the course "History of Canadian Cinema" at the University of New Brunswick, this wiki explores the history of Canadian film; specifically, it will explore the first films created in Canada as part of the Canadian Film Development Corporation from its inception in 1967 to 1974. It will also explore the key players in Canadian film of that time (including producers, actors, production companies, and other relevant figures).

The purpose of this wiki is to make a wealth of information relevant to Canadian film available and accessible online. For now, this project focuses on a finite group; prinicipally, the 119 films produced by the CFDC from its inception in 1968 to 1974, and on the key players in the Canadian film industry of the time. So far, I have identified 22 of these movies. This project focuses on a number of these, but not all of them, due to time constraints. In the future, I hope to expand on this, and open contribution to the public so that this wiki can grow to contain a wealth on knowledge of Canadian cinema, particularly its past.

At present, there is little information that is readily accessible on these important pieces of Canadian film history. In fact, even Telefilm Canada itself (the current name for the crown corporation formerly known as the CFDC) has no list of these early films to be found on their website. Instead, most of the information one can find related to Canadian film history can be found in books and scholarly journals. This renders the facts and ideas about Canadian film in the aforementioned era largely inaccessible to the majority of people.  One exception is the Canadian Film Encyclopedia, which is a compendium of Canadian films, actors, directors, producers, and more. However, what the CFE lacks is the interconnectibility of a wiki. Nor can the general public contribute to the pages, meaning that it is unable to expand rapidly. Furthermore, it lacks an overview of the academic responses towards films, focusing mainly on the cast, crew, and awards garnered. This wiki, then, can become a hub for information on the history of and scholarship rearding Canadian films. This in turn can be used to enrich our own awareness of the history of the Canadian film industry.

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